my name is Johnny and I am web Developer


#About Me

Russia (UTC +11)
Let me give you quick introduction about my professional activities

  1. I have been a developer for Wordpress for more than two years.
  2. I am experienced in make-up pages on the design of any complexity.
  3. I have experience in programming for more than five years (web technologies).

In my profile you can see a portfolio of already completed works, however, it is not complete, because last year I worked as a web programmer for the outsource company, and due to its policy I can not share projects I worker on that time (6 projects). In the list below you can find my latest project. I have enough experience to make pages starting from landing page and finishing by social network or some kind of e-shop.

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#Education & Experience


Training center "Specialist" of Bauman Moscow state technical.N. Uh.Bauman

XML and XSLT. Modern technologies of data processing in the web.
Design and development of complex web projects in PHP


Training center "Specialist" of Bauman Moscow state technical.N. Uh.Bauman

Fundamentals of modern web technologies
Website development and database interaction
Professional development on PHP 5


Far Eastern state Technical University

Applied mathematics and Informatics. Developing modern web interfaces. Database administration.

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